Thursday, July 08, 2010

I had a crazy dream last night....

This was one of those "my mind must be trying to tell me something/working something out" kind of dreams.  I usually dream about work. I guess it's how I process stress.  But last night's dream was about something I have wanted to do for several months.
Way back when when I started the "art quilting" end of my quilting hobby, I was asked "What is your goal with all of this stuff?" and I thought about it very hard.  I wondered where it could all lead to.  I ended up with a goal of "being published".  Maybe that meant a book, but when Quilting Arts Magazine hit the scene, I knew I wanted to be part of it's pages.  It's still a goal of mine.  
I have an article written ready to submit to Quilting Arts.  I have all the steps, and I think it's pretty much ready to go except the artwork/photos.
The problem is that I'm scared to submit it, and also (as you know) this summer is crazy full.  But it's a neat, progressive article that no one else has done before. 
In the dream, the plan didn't work out 100% and it was published... but not in the way I expected.  That left me a bit confused this morning, which is why I'm blogging about it.  Perhaps it's fear of rejection, perhaps it's fear of acceptance and the work that means to get it ready for print, or perhaps fear of a 3rd alternative will be presented (as in the dream) which wasn't expected.
So, readers, should I submit the article?


Kelly said...

You already know the answer!

YES. That's why they have EDITORS - they will help you, that's their job! Do not think of it as "oh my gosh, they are doing me a favor..." Think of it as them saying "COOOOL - I have good content that just needs a little buffing and shining up!"

Carol said...

Come on!! You don't need our opinions about whether you should submit it or not. Really. You may want our encouragement. You got that. We come here to see what is your newest. We wait for you to post. We may not comment all the time, but we know you have talent and you do to. So, as my father used to say S*** or get off the pot!! Send it in. You are NOT THAT busy!!

I was born in Chicago and I know my way around that you want me to come over and help you? I'll pay the postage.

Do it girl, today. No excuses. Email me when the deed is done.

Do you know about The Secret? The power of Positive Attraction? If not, check it out. You might need an attitude adjustment!!

Best Regards and good luck.
Now Scoot!!

Diane said...

Yes! Remember that what you have prepared is your 'vision'. Remember that a publisher must act as a translator of your vision as he/she understands the needs of the reader. His/her vision combined with yours will be something new but can be the door to 'getting published'. Go for it!

ConundrumChum said...

Definitely submit it!!

Megan said...

I can only liken it to giving birth. You create something, put it into the world with all the best content you can and then hope it has gentle editors and appreciative readers throughout its life. Go for it!

debbi d-w said...

Absolutely Go For It! Sending all my good energy your way:-)