Thursday, July 15, 2010

This N That #13

The "nerd prom" is coming up (That would be the Comic Con International- San Diego).  It is always the same weekend as the big quilt show in Long Beach, CA.  Comic-Con is absolutely huge, the biggest show in the US for pop culture by far.  I have a ton of things to do before then... ugh
During the July 4th weekend we went to my Father-in-Law's for a family reunion.  It also happened to be the week of the Kutztown Folk Festival, with over 2000 hand made quilts on display and for sale.  We went Monday the 5th, when temps were close to 100 degrees!  The quilt barn is air conditioned, which is nice.  Most of the quilts were hand quilted, which was quite a sight.
Speaking of lots of quilts, my quilt, "Road to Home" was shipped off to the Knoxville Quilt show by AQS, but did not win a prize.  However, I'm super pleased to have been juried in.  Turns out you can buy a CD of all the entries here.
This lilac didn't make it.  My new garden outside my office window is otherwise doing really well, but "Mr. Lincoln", my Lincoln lilac, turned brown and looks near dead.  It's sad too, because I really liked the two-tone flowers.  I thought it was damn near impossible to kill a lilac, but I have proven that theory wrong...
The fabric wedding flowers project is coming along and I'm super pleased with how they look.  When the bouquets are ready, I will definitely post pictures here.
Thank you all for the "swift kick in the arse" over my submitting an article to Quilting Arts.  I am happy to say that I am pushing SEND on the email tomorrow, and "come what may".  Thanks for the support!

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