Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My blog has moved!

Hi everyone!  My blog has now moved to become more incorporated to my main website.
the direct link is http://muppin.com/wordpress/index.php/blog/

With the demise of Google reader, if you are reading this in a feed, you will need to update your link to

to get my latest blog posts in your new feed reader.  (I am using feedly.com)

I hope you will follow me over to the new blog, and thanks so much for all of your support!

Friday, March 01, 2013

See my Power Suit Quilt in Alexandria, VA!

My quilt "Armored and Ready/All Systems Go" is part of the selected Power Suit Art Quilts hanging at the Del Ray Artisans Gallery in Alexandria, VA.  If you are close by, please check out the show!  It runs from today (March 1) to March 31.  

Del Ray Artisans gallery
at the Nicholas A. Colasanto Center

2704 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301-1124

Thursday:  Noon to 6 pm
First Thursday (May-Sep):  Noon to 9 pm
Friday:  Noon to 9 pm
Saturday:  10 am to 9 pm
Sunday:  Noon to 6 pm

Free admission, Open to the public

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I have a friend who LOVES the Dark Crystal.  Remember that movie?  Jim Henson, Brian Froud, fantasy, puppets... what wasn't there to love?  The Garthim, the bug like soldiers of the Skeksis, arrive in this scene at about 2:35...

Anyway this friend has a birthday and this is what I made for him!  As Aughra says.."Garthim?  Garthim???"   Fun!

Friday, February 08, 2013

New Weekly Quilts This Year Are For Sale

So I am back to making Weekly Quilts again this year, and I decided that they are for sale!  I have a hard time parting with my art.   I find that if I made it for intentionally trading or selling, I didn't have a problem with it finding a new home.  So this year, every weekly quilt I make will be for sale. 
© Cheryl Sleboda - Robot I - 2013
Ideally the goal will be to have them in themes so that if I want to offer them as a group to a gallery, they would go together and hang well.

If you are interested in what's left, head on over to my Etsy Shop and check them out!  

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags...My Mackelmore Thrift Shop Challenge!

I ADORE this song by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis, and I was so stoked to see the Unofficial Thrift Shop Challenge.  Haven't heard the song?  It's NSFW (Not Safe for Work, or people who don't like salty language) but GO here and watch the awesome video. 

Step #1. Go to a thrift shop with – just as the chorus of the song says – “$20 in your pocket”and take a picture.
Unique Thrift Shop- Joliet IL
Step #2 was to spend your $20 any way you’d like and photograph your spoils.
Hideous painting I will overpaint, a "plaid button... up shirt" flannel, and more milk glass for my collection.
Step #3. Find one item (or more) referenced in the song and snap a pic.

Just like the song, this fur smelled like R.Kelley's Sheets...