Monday, November 21, 2011

Diodes, conductive thread illuminate textiles |

I was so thrilled to hear that an article about me was published this past weekend in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel!  Many thanks to Sherida Warner, the reporter who so kindly took interest in me at Houston! And how awesome is the Daily Sentinel for having a section devoted to quilting?  Please take a second and check it out at the link below!

Diodes, conductive thread illuminate textiles |

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Jackie said...

I was speechless... simply standing there with the postcard in my hand, grinning from ear to ear and completely unable to speak! I got your mail today. HOLY MOLY CROLY!!!! HOW TOTALLY AWESOME IS THAT, A NOTE FROM POKEY HERSELF!!!

And you took the time and did that for me... I am truly blessed to have a sweet friend like you in my life! I really can't thank you enough!