Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Danger: Zombies Ahead! (Playing Catch-up #3)

One of the most searched terms that gets folks to my website are "zombie quilt".  It seems like forever ago that I started sketching cute, adorable, brain-eating zombies for my quilt designs.  I ended up making screens for fabric printing of these 5 designs, because, these were weekly quilts for October 2009 (and that month had 5 weeks in it).
I screened the zombies in black and then went back in with fabric paints and painted them.   I really enjoyed making the designs, and I think the sickly green bindings (which are fused on) really sets them off.  As these are screen prints, I can screen more and make these as commissions if you would like one.  They are 5 x 8 inches, message me for pricing.



Gisela Towner said...

Oh -- I love your zombies! Those are the cutest zombies I've ever seen.

Thanks for making me smile this morning. :)

ConundrumChum said...

Cheryl, you are so clever. I look forward to your posts and what you will come up with next. Thanks! Toni.

vintagepix said...

zombie love! Urrr...aargh...brainz! :D

Muppet said...

Okay I finally found the zombie quilt. And SO glad I did!!! OMFG SO CUTE!

I really like the idea of screening the designs on. I've been waffling about making a quilt for my bed for the last year or so, and it's been a tossup between a pixel mario thing or something with my weird art on it, but trying to do that in fabric was making my brain hurt. DUH screen it! You so rock! xoxoxoxoxo!!