Sunday, April 04, 2010

Technique of the Week #13 - Bleeding Tissue Paper Dyeing

Project hours: 6 hours
Design and materials: 1 hours
Execution:5 hours

So what is "bleeding tissue paper"?  Well, I bought a pack of multi colored tissue paper at Michaels for a tissue paper background that you can sew through way way back.  When I got the packet home, it said it was specifically "bleeding" tissue paper, and boy-oh-boy, it really bleeds when you get it wet.  I have always wondered if it would transfer to fabric, and here is my result.
I used PFD (Prepared For Dyeing) fabric, and various colors of the tissue paper and layered them on in little torn strips on the wet PFD.  I then sprayed the tissue paper witha mister to get it really wet so it would bleed down into the PFD fabric. After the paper dried, I scraped off the tissue paper, ironed the fabric with a hot iron and washed the fabric in warm soapy water until it rinsed clean. The colors lightened, but did not wash out.
First of all, DON'T do this on a windy day or in a breezy room.  Also, you will get this all over your hands.  Another lesson learned was that for more color, I needed to layer on the tissue paper.  The section on the right did not, and it came out a bit light.  
Another thing is that this method has unpredictable results. You may or may not get a texture or color you want.  Or, the colors can bleed together where you don't want them.  I likened this to a watercolor or pastel painting that's been soaked in water, colors bleed and spread, and lightened too.  If you planned to go back in and draw in your lines, like I did with thread, it's a great technique.  But if you're like me and prefer more predictable results, this was at least fun to try.


Sandra said...

I think this is awesome. And it helped me out as well. I have been looking for a place to purchase tissue that bleeds to use on my wooden bracelets because they give a more vibrant color than paint. Which section in Michaels did you go to purchase it?

Anonymous said...

Wow. The new packs of 'bleeding' tissue paper do not bleed. Just so you know.

Lynda said...

I just purchased some of this tissue for another project and came across your blog. I am so excited and am now waiting for it to dry. Yours turned out beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.