Saturday, June 27, 2009

This n That #3

WOW. I like the "This n That" posts because they give you snippets of what I am doing, and also get these ideas out of my head. You know, those little things that say "I should really blog about this, my art friends and family would want to know this!"
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I have just reached 90 craft and art blogs in my art and craft
blog reader folder. I seem to add another 2 a week. I have to cull a few for not updating for months on end, and I guess I'll find them again if they come back to "blog life". Would you want me to share my list sometime? This is not the list of cute pictures, LOL cats, or comic book blogs, but blogs that I read regularly that inspire me.
So I have just purchased "The Creative Habit" by Twyla Tharp. I am over halfway finished with the book, and am really enjoying some of the concepts. I am not a trained artist. I never took an art class past grammar school. This book makes me feel that I am one of those who can call herself "an artist". It's got exercises that really make you think about how you a
pproach art, no matter what kind it is. I've suggested DH read it next, for his writing and movies, and of course, his miniature painting.
I did spend the weekend in Indianapolis last weekend at the ART FOR ALL 2009 event sponsored by, in which we took classes, traded ATCs, drew in each other's journals, and laughed and just had a great time! I'll post my lovely cards I made in a separate post Sunday. Here's a photo of the art room.

I bought the Lonely Island album, and it's hysterical. Love it...

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Megan said...

You don't give yourself enough credit! Just because you get a BA doesn't mean you haven't had art training! You've probably taken MORE classes that your average college graduate! With your interest in art theory and your hands-on experimentation I'd trust your art background over any fine arts major! Besides- Einstein didn't have a mathmatics or physics degree! So STOP IT!
You're brilliant - live with it!