Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This n That #2

I like the idea of the "this n that" blog posts... It keeps me in the habit of blogging as I come up with ideas, and I have to admit, I like blogs that update often.
So I'm trying to decide "where this whole crazy art train is going". See my poll over there? =====>>>>> Please click on a choice and help me figure out what to do next.

We had a speaker at guild last night, and while I am happy to have seen her work, I wasn't thrilled with some of the "message" she had to say about art quilts and quilt "artists". If we make quilt art, aren't we all arti
sts? Does it really take art training to be a true artist? I think not....
She also had something slightly negative to say about art quilts that have over the top embellishing. As someone who has made that kind of work in the past, why potentially alienate your audience by dissing it in your lecture?

it's official... I'm the new president of the Riverwalk Quilt Guild of Naperville IL.

If you ever clog up your toilet.... (Hey, it happens!), pour a bit of dishwashing liquid in the bowl, let it sit for a bit, plunge a couple of times, and viola! Seriously! I know from experience!

Made some "glue stamps" but am not too good at stamping with them yet. See below!

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Megan said...

Yay to your for your election! Boo to the speaker - sounds a bit like a snob....
The glue stamp is cool.... I'd never get organized enough to try this stuff so I live vicariously through your blog. Keep posting!