Sunday, April 27, 2008

Towards the Feminine

I call this "Towards the Feminine". This was an attempt for the Quilting Arts challenge for "Go Green", which I realized would break the "copyright" rule, as I used name brand products in the work, and probably would not get into the magazine.

I cut this to 5 inches square too, which is an inch short for my weekly quilt. But, this is going to suffice as my weekly, and I may add some frou-frou to the edges to make it 6 inches square. I have a few hours left...

This is made from a Tampax tampon wrapper, Kotex wrappers, a Carefree pantyliner wrapper and backing paper, a dyed dryer sheet and some craft felt with glitter in it. The pink embroidery "yarn" is made from the ties that the Kotex package uses to pull the top shut. I was really happy with the way this came out, and then realized it wouldn't work for the contest. However, I have to say that it would not be the same work without the name brands identifying what all this crap is. This is the last week for the Recycled theme, and I don't know yet what I am doing for next month's theme.

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Megan said...

What about doing an "inspirations" month. Do like some Native Americans do when naming their children. Look around you whenever it's time to sit down and start the quilt and use what you see as the inspiration for that week. It could end up being Joe or the cats or a tree or something from work or the news on tv.
You heard about how "Two Dogs F******" got his name, didn't you?