Wednesday, February 29, 2012

About comments on blogs...

As you know, I love comments on my blog.  This little guy over here ==>  
helps me love blog comments.  It's a way for me to interact with my readers.
As you may know, Blogger (the blog platform I use and actually really like) changed it's comment form word verification to something pretty awfully hard to use.  I only noticed because I didn't get any comments on my blog for over 2 weeks, and that's pretty unusual.

So.... I have turned it off.  Yay!  But the spam commenters have also increased... Boo!  So I'm managing the spam as best I can, but let me know if you see one?   

In the meantime, comment away!!

1 comment:

Kit Lang said...

I turned off my captcha too - and yes, I have more spam, but it has never yet gotten to my actual blog. I have to read it, but my readers don't, thank goodness.

Thanks for making it easier for us to comment!