Friday, January 20, 2012

New (old) things

I love old things that are new to me.  Our quilt guild has an annual garage sale that I have been in charge of for the past 3 years.  Being in charge means you get first pick, which is soooo dangerous!  On top of that, I spent a day this weekend thrifting and antiquing and I got some more cool stuff.
These piles and piles of lace are just what I wanted from the garage sale. 

I got these cutter quilts that have already been cut into, but might be large enough for lap pieces.  

The white and blue one is stunning, and the back is very much frayed, but might be salvageable with a new binding and minkee back?  I still can't believe it was cut into pieces. I bought one of the pieces as scrap some time ago, and made this.

Notions, wood spools, and a tin full of buttons?  Don't mind if I do!

Old pattern pieces, redwork patterns, and a kindergarten shape book from 1898.

A redwork top embroidered in around 1848, cut and made into two pillow shams.  (Cat not included. She loved rolling on all the "new" things)

More odds n ends.

A neat sampler that is PERFECT for my room and seems to have my initials already on it?  I can't wait to frame it.

Hankies from the antique shop for $1.29 ea.  A STEAL.

And these little creepy things for my studio walls.
What's your favorite?  Leave it in comments!


Faith said...

It IS hard to believe that blue and white quilt was cut up. I looks like it was beautiful! I wish I knew of someplace here that had such things as these.

Judy Warner said...

What a phenomenal garage sale. I can't imagine parting with some of those items.

Lynda said...

What neat goodies!! I've got some of the same stash and I have a hard time using it. I just hate to cut anything up!!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Cool stuff you picked up! Sometimes I don't understand the total lack of respect for finely crafted items, like the white and blue quilt. It took hours and hours of somebody's time--how do you even put a price on that?
best from Tunisia,

storage Tulsa OK said...

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