Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This N That #31

You know, when you put it all together, it sounds really super busy... here goes!
I was featured on Generation Q magazine HERE, and it was a great little write up on my LED work in quilts!  I really appreciated Megan taking the time to interview me!
My submission that I fretted over for Artistic Artifacts' Power Suit Show is finished and is whisking it's way to them now.  I can't reveal the work until the show opens, but I'm super pleased with it.  I have been to the UPS store a lot lately to ship many quilts to the various shows I've entered and juried into.
My Meme Cat - Nyan Cat quiltet got picked up by and! It's also tumbling through Tumblr thanks to!  Click those links to see my quilt on their pages, which is super humbling to me that people would like my little Nyan Cat. 
One of the things that makes you feel pretty good is when a site like those above pick up on your quilt and send it through to all kinds of new readers and viewers.  When a site that is pretty well known for curating great stitching works picks you up, it's not just good, it's fantastic!  So when my works got picked up from my Flickr account and onto, along with the super nice writeup about me, I was extra thrilled.
Welcome to any new readers I may have picked up from the blog hop, my recent press, or from anywhere in general!  Thanks!


Lynne said...

Congratulations - what lovely compliments to your quilting abilities.

This and That said...

Hope your sewing machine feels better soon!