Sunday, December 19, 2010

This N That #21

I spent the last couple of weeks getting ready for 2011.  My studio makeover is still half finished and is a mess right now.  The nice messages from all the folks reading my article in the new QA issue are making me feel really warm and fuzzy.  There's so much planned for 2011, I am glad I can share it here with you as we go through the year.
As if I didn't have enough to do this year, I made all of my Christmas cards.  I know.  I know!  Silly me!  I used the Quilting Arts Gifts issue from this year to make the cards, using an altered technique of Pokey Bolton's, and they turned out so nice!  I painted the fabric, fused it on with MistyFuse and then quilted it. It was fun, and surprisingly quick! This is my assembly line to add the red quilting to the cards.
Still lots going on, but over on the Quilting Arts forum I'm hosting another challenge.  This one is called "It's My Nature".  Now it can be anything from a nature-scape, to an interpretation of your own personality.  I like open themes like this because what everyone does is so different.  I wasn't trained as an artist, so I like to see how other artists think.  Please join us over on the forum and submit a piece for the challenge!  It can be small!  And there's fabulous prizes!
Don't forget that if you'd like an LED kit, you can get them from my Shop page.
I'm planning my goals and projects for 2011 already.  Don't forget to vote on my weekly project!

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Megan said...

Got our card and it is so lovely! Definitely a keeper!!!