Thursday, October 28, 2010

This N That #19

I'm sure you're thinking "Cheryl, you always say things are soooo busy... but really, another 'I'm so busy' post?".  Well..... yeah, basically.
This is my dad, sitting on my deck.  See those crutches?  He had knee replacement surgery, and guess whose house he used to recover?  If you guess me, you guessed right.  He was a good patient and house guest, but you never really get anything done when someone is in your house.  What did end up happening is that the electronic components in my gallery show items all were done while watching TV with him.  So I tried my best to kill two birds with one stone, but wasn't always successful. 
There's still so much SECRET stuff happening!  I'm reaching some of my artistic goals very soon, which means it's time to plan some new ones!  I hope you will be as pleased as I am when it's all revealed.
In addition, the quilt guild that I am president of had their small quilt auction this past October 19th.  Right after the New York Comic Con, dad's surgery, and just before the gallery show? Sure, sign me up!  As President I felt I had to make something to set a fine example.  So I dug through my piles of UFO's and found this lovey which i finished up right quick to have in time for the auction.  It sold for $60, and I am happy to help our guild fundraiser.
I am prepping to go to Houston, and the BIG SHOW, and my dance card continues to fill up nicely.  I'm super excited to see all of my quilt friends, so if you will be there, I'll remond you that I can be found on Saturday from 4-6pm and Sunday from 11:45am to 1:45 pm at the Quilting Arts Make It University Open Studios section!  Come by and SAY HELLO! or something!  This is my first Houston show and I'm super excited.  I plan to bring the laptop and blog from the show.  Would you like that?  
I'm a HUGE Project Runway fan, and this latest season, while frustrating in it's reality show ways, has been an ok one.  However the second to last episode had a huge, heartbreaking scene that reduced me to tears and affected me well after the show was deleted from my DVR.  I won't spoil it, but the designer who is "auf'd" (out) from the show after getting to the "final four" has a very emotional crying jag after learning the results.  They have to go home to an unsupportive family, who has been telling them to give up this dream and live a normal life instead. I was very affected by this person's plight, and I even found myself hours later thinking about how sad it was that they had to go home after getting so far and how awful it would be to not have your friends and family cheering you on.  It makes me feel so grateful for the support I have from my own family, friends, and even you!  So thank you for your support, and I appreciate every comment, reader, and follower!   

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Jackie said...

Definitely post from Houston... i live vicariously from all going to Houston... but refuse to go till my quilt gets in.... haha, that and it is really really far from me. Am so excited to hear about your 'secret' news....