Monday, May 11, 2009

Away for a minute, but I'm back...

My unexpected abscence from the world was due to the untimely death of my husband's grandmother, Hilda Ely. "Grammie" shared a love for needle arts with me, and she was an avid cross stitcher and knitter. She crocheted, and made a quilt or two in her life. She encouraged my quilting, bought my first quilting frame, and I brought a couple of quilts to her to tie in the family tradition with family and family friends. Those were good times. I'll miss her, and her creativity. Somewhere are cross stitched tea cups she made for me to make into a wall hanging quilt for my dining room, I'll have to make that soon.
Because we had to unexpectedly fly out of state for her memorial, I haven't had time to get my weekly quilts posted. I hope to by the end of the week!

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