Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recycled Weekly Quilts

Here are the last two week's "recycled" themed quilts. Sorry they are late being posted online, but I was having SOOO much fun at IQA, I didn't have time.
This quilt is made from Ramen noodle wrappers. I don't really think about packaging much, but when you are trying to reduce your carbon and plastic footprints, things like these mundane wrappers do contribute. I don't think to ever recycle the plastic on wrappers like these. These slippery devils are applied to a kunin felt batting. They bubbled up a bit, but I kinda like that.
This week's quilt is made from my program from IQA. I had such an amazing time, and I have lots of memories, but one more program is one less thing I need to keep around. So I made this quilt out of the things I liked from the program. I intentionally did not use any quilt imagery from the program as that artwork is copyrighted by the artists whose quilts are shown. The one non-program thing is the little hippo drawind I sketched on a piece of mail after talking with Melanie Testa. The hippo represents the friends I made at the show and whom I shared the show with while I was there.

I have an idea in mind for next week's hope it comes together as I expect.


Mixing-Katie said...

Wow! I would never have thought to use Ramen wrappers! Nice excuse to have that for lunch ;-)

Melly Testa said...

I was just coming over from Pokey's blog! I wanted to make sure you knew you were up and front and center over there! You look so happy. I got a blurry but ever so happy photo of you!

vintagepix said...

The ramen wrappers are too funny! (but oh so colorful)