Sunday, August 03, 2008

Destroy! Destroy!

Sitting in the bookstore, drinking a cup of coffee with my DH, I mentioned I did not know what I would do for August's theme. It's a 5 weekend month, meaning there will be 5 of this theme.

DH says "You should do Robots".

Immediately, these robots come to mind. Cute but Evil Robots. My dad likes robots, we're both fans of The Day The Earth Stood Still. We're eagerly waiting for the remake.

I didn't expect to be overflowing with so many cute robots for ideas! So Robots it is... For you Muppin!


Old School Acres said...

Oh my gosh. That is ADORABLE!!

Serene and Not Herd said...

If you arn't already, you should peruse:

His style of drawings remind me of this new series of quilts of yours, and that's a good thing.