Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kokeshi madness

I have a lot of pages in my notebook dedicated to Kokeshi designs. They are so cute and easy to do with their legless, armless body. It's all about the head and hair with these dolls. I almost made her a "Cute but Evil" doll, but that was not the theme. I also firmly decided that the beautiful soft yellow chrysanthemum batik (of which I only have a fat quarter) would be the background for all this month's themed quilts. It's so pretty.
I watched "Curse of the Golden Flower" and loved the costumes in that movie.

Went to see "Wall-E" this weekend with my dad. Bring a hankie. I needed mine! But I cry at tissue commercials, for what it's worth. There's a quilt somewhere in that EVE design....

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Megan said...

There is something beautiful about a movie so simple that a 2 year old gets it. When we saw Wall-E Owen said, "Mommy, robot sad, he lost his friend".
We saw a G4 show previewing Comic Con and thought of you and missed you!!
Wave when you fly over us!