Tuesday, May 20, 2008

RIP Rory Root

I know I rarely post about "work related" things, but I have worked in the comic book industry for almost 12 years, and yesterday one of the nicest retailers around passed away. Rory Root had great vision for the industry as a whole. When he made a suggestion to me for a change to our services or data, it was not just a good suggestion for his store to benefit from, but for all retailers. I was fortunate to see him in Las Vegas in March this year.
At my very first San Diego Comic Con last year I stopped by his booth, and he was there sitting on his stool with his hat and coffee cup, and we chatted for a very brief second. I'll miss Rory with his soft spoken voice and gentlemanly manners. His spirit for the industry will hopefully live on.

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comicbooklady said...

It's always sad when someone who has been in the business so long, passes. It's like the end of an era. My husband remembers meeting Rory Root at the San Diego Con in 1989. He said he was the nicest person he met there!