Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

We participated in Earth Hour on Saturday, like many others, including my sister and her boyfriend, who took this picture of her.
We cleaned up the house in the dark with candles, and got us thinking about what people did after it got dark outside, especially if you had hobbies, like sewing. I tried my hand quilting, but it was too hard to see with 2 candles, and by the time I considered more, Earth Hour was over. I've been on a "green" kick lately, including switching to fluorescent lightbulbs, and "greener" cleaners. So maybe my April quilt theme will be "recycled materials"?
photo (C) Tom Gawczynski 2008


Anonymous said...

haha i was a bit surprised to see myself on your blog, a mention maybe, but a picture? I'm glad you guys participated too. It was kind of fun!!

Megan said...

I think the recycled materials would be really cool. A movie ticket stub peice would be neat... Maybe receipts? What about burned data cds you don't need anymore? Calendar picture collage? Neat idea! We're doing a cool craft for Owen's map themed room where we're using cut up maps out of old atlas' and road maps. That would make a neat quilt block too!

Cheryl said...

I agree! It sounds like a theme with lots of possibilities.

you rawk, sistah!