Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where my nerds at? Join my poll for next month's theme!

The blogosphere is quiet. Almost every blog I read has been quiet for a while, no new posts. I love new posts! And I love comments! So... comment already!
How about a poll for March's weekly quilt theme?
Ok, in March I will be away quite a bit. I will need to be able to do handwork because at least 2 weekend I will be away.

So, here are the themes. Leave a comment with your vote!
1. "3-D" 3-D fiber work in felt
2. "Words" Works with words in them
3. "applique" Various Applique methods
4. "landscapes" Since I will be away in 2 different places this month

So there are the 4 ideas, so vote/comment for what you would like to see in March for my weekly quilt theme!


Anonymous said...

I like the idea #2 Words. I use a word or words in a lot of my work. It would be interesting to see your interpretations.

Vivien said...

I vote for landscapes so you can try your hand at working while traveling. It's a challenge (I've tried it!).

msneary said...

I vote for applique since I like that work you do by hand so much. Also, I want you to save landscapes for the month you come to Arizona!! You'll see at least 4 distinct environments while you're here..... But keep travelling for work so you earn your ticket here! I miss you!

Serene And Not Herd said...

I vote for 3D quilting! It just sounds cool and a bit of a challenge, like micro upholstery or stuffed animals. Or like the great dinosaur blanket my aunt and uncle made me, with a volcano, lakes and mountains.

Oh, and Meg and I are trying to blog more again.