Monday, November 19, 2007

Playing with Perspective

On a popular art quilting mailing list, a current discussion is underway about the Principles and Elements of design and art. (how funny, since my post yesterday was about the same thing, and I didn't see any of the discussion or I would have weighed in on it).
Interestingly, there is a notion that these items (called P&E by some) are tools of critique only, and cannot be used to "learn" how to make art. I disagree. I am no artist, at least if forced to put pencil or pen to paper. However, I can make better art by STUDYING the P&E. As shown here. I definitely need to learn a bit more about perspective... And I "lurve" this orange fabric...

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Aaron said...

A coworker pointed out the quilt art by Nancy Bergman. She does some amazing art quilts, and here's one that definitely creates perspective:

No lovely ornj color though, like yours.