Monday, August 13, 2007

Radical art

My attempt at subversive art is shown here. The ghost and the blob are from a sketch made on 8/5/07, inspired by the San Diego Comic Con. Maybe Pac-man influenced too, DH says he sees the ghost and power pellet. I did the hatching embroidery during my sister's play on Sunday. (I had seen it before...and it was outdoors... I was not a bad patron!)

I also attended the Wizard World Chicago show on Thursday and Friday, and met the following artists:
Josh Johnson- great brown art
Christopher Uminga- love this subversive style
Samantha Kyle- and her funny webcomic
Kei Acedera from - Great art.
Anna Borowiecka- beautiful fantasy stuff
Corwin Gibson Neat stuff at Luchadork
Misty Coats of
Erika of who has beautiful work
Doug Kovacs of Planescape DnD fame!
Katie Cook- how did I miss you at SDCC? cute!
Cynthia Cummens- also an ACEO artist! Who knew?

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